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Ashraf Ibrahim

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I'm a physician by education, a business consultant by profession, and an author by passion. I have several literary works as well as books and publications in the field of human development and business communication, in which I reveal new visions and methods for success in life, based on my experiences and visions in this field.

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My Story

My story with writing started more than 10 years go. I started putting together the knowledge and experience that I learned through 25 years of experience in the corporate world in a series of business books, all in English. However, I was too reluctant to publish my work. I love to write, and I think I'm good at it, but I couldn't see myself as a published author. Two years ago, and based on the strong advice from several friends who have read my business books, I started writing fiction as well, but this time it was in my native and beautiful language ... Arabic.

My literary work received an overwhelming welcome and admiration that exceeded my expectations, it hit bestseller on Amazon three times, and it went to its third print in one year. This encouraged me to continue writing fiction while maintaining my work as a business consultant and a corporate trainer, together with developing my business books.