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Business Meeting

Am I making

a difference?

Dates & Locations

29 Feb – 01 Mar 2020 

Niagara On The Lake, ON, Canada

25 Apr – 26 Apr 2020

Toronto, ON, Canada

18 Sep - 19 Sep

Dubai, United Arab of Emirates

25 Sep - 26 Sep 2020

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Mastering the Art of Adding Value


“PEAK performers never rest until they deliver, they are achievement freaks!”

Have you ever wondered why your career path is not quite clear, despite all the effort you do at your work? Have you ever asked yourself about the true value you’re adding to your business and to your own development, and wondered how you can further optimize this value?


Master the art of adding value to yourself and to your organization through this state-of-the-art training course. “The Art of Adding Value” provides you with a balanced approach between enhancing your career and growing the business of your organization. This  course will help you realize new and innovative ways to add value to your organization, and at the same time support your own vision and career aspiration. It will enable you to show your case as an indispensable asset to your organization. 


Learn to stimulate yourself for the better. Get your input to be felt and appreciated and your efforts to be well recognised. This training will help you build yourself as a top performer in your organization.


​The Program


This program introduces the “PEAK Enhancer” methodology, developed as part of the PEAK UP program. It’s a new way of looking at the values that we can add to our business or to us personally. The “PEAK Enhancer” training course is a comprehensive, 36-hour training program. 


Module 1 - Adding Value

- The various forms of “value”

- Adding value for self and others


​Module 2 - The Pyramid of Success

- Vision, mission & strategy

- Aligning your vision to your daily tasks


​Module 3 - The PEAK Activity Grid

- The balance between career aspiration and job requirement

- Hands on training

- Hands on training


Learning Outcome 


When you attend “The Art of Adding Value”  training course you will be able to:


  1. List various ways they can add value to their business.

  2. Develop their own PEAK activity grid.

  3. Build their new PEAK to-do list.

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