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Career Enhancement Courses

We offer several training courses in the fields of soft skill development, career enhancement, and performance improvement. The list of our courses includes, but not limited to:

Facilitation Skills: Help your team and your organization make better decisions through obtaining solid facilitation skills. Take control of the meeting interactions and the pace of communication through your strong capabilities as a facilitator.

Motivation Skills: Equip yourself with several innovative tools of team motivation. Become a great motivator by learning various motivational models, the art of innovative goal setting and positive influencing skills. 


Handling Difficult Customers: Provide a state-of-art customer service that invites customers, internal or external, to respect and praise you through learning the skills of addressing complaints, handling criticism, and building rapport.

Interpersonal Skills: Build your managerial capabilities through learning innovative communication skills, and networking techniques. Learn how to start a conversation and leave an impact. 

Marketing Fundamentals: Learn the fundamentals of marketing and get your junior marketers ready for action with this practical and comprehensive marketing course. Get your new team members to speak the language, know the fundamentals and hit the marketing ground running.

Negotiation Skills: Reach a win/win situation in all your interactions by understanding the counterparts and being confident in your offerings. Build a medium of mutual respect and exchange benefits through proper negotiation techniques.

Building Healthy Work Environment: Office politics can be damaging! Learn how to avoid office politics and build a healthy relation with your co-workers through an innovative model of work relation management.

Time Management Skills: Discover new strategies and techniques to help you better manage your time. Balance between your execution abilities with your delegation skills and organization skills so you can accomplish more in less time.


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