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Key Speaker

Am I clear & convincing?

Dates & Locations

29 Feb – 01 Mar 2020 

Niagara On The Lake, ON, Canada

25 Apr – 26 Apr 2020

Toronto, ON, Canada

The 3C Communication Skills


“In the modern business environment, our input and the way we communicate it is as important as our work and how we do it.”

Do you have a problem getting your ideas through? Do you feel you’re being misunderstood, or your discussions are taken out of their context? Do you think you work hard, but can’t seem to share your work and show your potential to others? If your answer is Yes, then this course is for you. 


You’re not working alone in a vacuum. You’re working with people of various backgrounds, experiences and communication styles. Having the experience to do your work without the ability to communicate it across this diversified platform can be a career hurdle. On the other hand, those who are able to communicate efficiently manage to grow their career and fulfill their potential. 


This communication skill training course is based on the 3C methodology that combines emotional intelligence with communication skills and the power of commitment to build a formidable communication style that can take you all the way up in your career. This methodology will ensure you’re heard, your work is recognized, and your thoughts are appreciated and endorsed.


The Program


  1. Getting heard - Learn to communicate in a way that gets other to listen and appreciate your thoughts

  2. Don’t tell, but sell your ideas, promote your results, and establish yourself as a successful businessman.

  3. Handle difficult audience.

  4. Defend your ideas with open arms.


Training Outcomes

“The 3C Communication Skill” training course is a comprehensive, 1.5 day training program. By attending this course you’ll be able to:


  1. Demonstrate the use of emotional intelligence

  2. Display competence in oral and visual communication.

  3. Respond effectively to cultural communication differences and barriers.

  4. Demonstrate positive outcomes based on communication.

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