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Dates & Locations

29 Feb – 01 Mar 2020 

Niagara On The Lake, ON, Canada

25 Apr – 26 Apr 2020

Toronto, ON, Canada

The VITAL Role of Leadership


“Leadership doesn't recognize a title or  follow a hierarchy. IT's about having a vision and being able to influence others to adapt this vision.”

Do you realize the importance of being a leader within your team in order to grow your career? Do you sense the need for developing leaders in your organization so it can remain competitive in the ever-changing market?

The dynamic and complex business environment requires new type of true business leaders who don’t only have the vision to grow, but also the power to  influence their teams to follow this vision through.


This training course looks at leadership traits from a different angle. It discusses the five pillars of leadership that the VITAL methodology is based on. This course provides you with the skills needed to take a leadership role in your team and to advance in your organization as a competent and trusted leader.


The program

  1. Vision, mission & strategy - The Pyramid of Success

  2. Linking long-term vision to every day’s tasks

  3. Sharing vision with others

  4. Influencing skills

  5. Teaming Up - How to develop teams that work in harmony

  6. Aligning individual dynamics with team goals


Training Outcome

“The VITAL Role of Leadership” training course is a comprehensive, 1.5 day training program. By attending this course you’ll be able to:


  1. Develop personal vision, mission and strategy that align with organizational needs

  2. Master the skill of working with teams

  3. Become a positive influencer and a team leader

  4. Drive for results and manage by outcome

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