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Dates & Locations

29 Feb – 01 Mar 2020 

Niagara On The Lake, ON, Canada

25 Apr – 26 Apr 2020

Toronto, ON, Canada

18 Sep - 19 Sep

Dubai, United Arab of Emirates

PEAK Positivity Explained


“Positivity as we know is expecting a good outcome from any experience we encounter,

while PEAK Positivity is about extracting good outcomes.

PEAK Positivity is not a mindset, it’s a skill. It’s not a passive expectation, it’s a proactive approach!”

Positivity is a good thing. It encourages us to accept challenges. Positivity tells us that we can either succeed, or learn. Right? Unfortunately, this is not the full picture. Positivity is much more than that. It’s finding a success and a positive outcome in each experience that we encounter. This makes us seek challenges rather than accept them, and extract success rather than expect it. This is the positivity that fast-track your career path. This is the PEAK positivity.


Fast-track your learning, accelerate your accumulation of experiences and jump-start your career through this state-of-the-art training course “PEAK Positivity Explained.” This extensive course features real-life business examples to link your experience to dispel the understanding of using positivity as a mindset and build the concept of PEAK Positivity as a skill that can be developed and sharpened. 


This training will help you learn how to develop positive scenarios for the experiences you encounter, plan ahead your positive experience, utilize your successes to enhance your career and benefit from your failures and learn how to avoid them. By knowing multiple positive outcomes from every experience you encounter, you can triple the speed of your learning and be equipped with the experience and knowledge you need to accelerate your career growth.


The Program

“PEAK Positivity Explained” training course is a comprehensive, 36 hour training program. 


Module 1 - Difference Between Positivity and PEAK Positivity.

- The limitation of Positivity As We Know it.

- Positivity: A mindset or a skill?

- PEAK Positivity - What's new?


​Module 2 - Real-life Examples of PEAK Positivity.

- Developing the skill of extracting positive outcomes.

- Building on your successes.


Module 3 

- Extracting Scenarios and planning to win.

- Hands-on Training


Learning Outcome


When you attend “PEAK Positivity Explained” training course you will be able to:

  1. Develop positive scenarios for the experiences you encounter.

  2. Plan ahead your positive experience.

  3. Optimally utilize your successes to enhance your career.

  4. Get benefits from your failures beyond learning to avoid them.

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