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"Mastering the Art of Self-Assessment" is coming soon!

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"Mastering the Art of Self-Assessment" Coming Soon!

65% of the studies comparing between self- and external assessment results among professionals demonstrate little, no, or even an inverse relationship between both. Meaning that although self-assessment is an essential skill to learn, we seem to have difficulty conducting accurate and  objective self-assessment with the tools in hand.*

With the lack of these structured self- assessment tools, readers keep looking for simple yet structured schemes to help them realize their capability profile and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

«Evalyouate!», is one of the few books that actually provides this easy-to-follow and well-structured scheme to help you fully understand your capabilities. This book will guide  you to 1) assess your successes and failures and link them to your capabilities; 2) see the bigger picture of your capabilities and its impact on your work performance; 3) set the basis for planning your own self- improvement goals and how to work on them; and 4) emphasize your capability profile to your managers. All are critical factors for your success and career growth.

Most of the books discussing the topic of self-assessment focus on the why; they stress the importance of self-assessment and the value of understanding your own capabilities. This book discusses the how; it introduces a step-by-step scheme that helps you realize your strengths and assess your weaknesses using a systematic approach.

«Evalyouate!» is based on over twenty five years of experience in the corporate field. It is full of real life examples applicable concepts that make this book an essential tool to help you assess your capabilities, improve your performance and realize your growth potential.

"Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise." Sigmund Freud

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