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Why do we hate new tasks?

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

We all know that accepting new challenges adds to our knowledge and experience and consolidates our profile, which is essential to build our career paths. If this is clear to all of us, then why are we so reluctant to commit to new tasks? Why do we try to dodge any new assignment and avoid working with others if we can?

The following illustration is part of my coming book "Becoming a PEAK Performer", and it highlights some of the reasons that make us hate tasks and afraid of commitment. They’re all related to either fear, lack of interest, or ego. Fear can be a huge obstacle in the face of accepting new challenges or reaching rapport with people around you.

The fear of failure, fear of long-term or exhausting commitments, and the fear of others and their possible rejection to what you’re trying to do in your life or your career are types of fear that can ruin any attempt to move forward.

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