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Dates & Locations

29 Feb – 01 Mar 2020 

Niagara On The Lake, ON, Canada

25 Apr – 26 Apr 2020

Toronto, ON, Canada

18 Sep - 19 Sep

Dubai, United Arab of Emirates

25 Sep - 26 Sep 2020

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Mastering the Art of Self-Evaluation


“The first step towards fulfilling your career is to conduct a proper self-evaluation,

that’s your career launch base!”

Do you know what is the first step towards branding yourself as a successful person ready for the next step in your career? It’s the proper self-assessment that lets you know exactly how your skills are perceived, and how your capabilities are recognized.

​Steer yourself and your team towards success through this state-of-the-art training course “Mastering the Art of Self-Evaluation.” This training course provides you with the tools to build your capability profile, know exactly your strengths and weaknesses, and draw your developmental plan to build your capabilities and sharpen your skills in order to grow in your career.

This course guides you on how to benchmark your skills and traits according to business needs, market dynamics, and other critical factors that make or break our capability profile. It looks at self-assessment in a totally different and more practical way. The way you look at your points of strength will totally differ after this training. 

This training course provides you with a structured and well-balanced scheme that empowers you to monitor your own abilities, realize your weaknesses and strengths, and define the most relevant ways to grow your potential. These skills will help you improve work performance, monitor your performance and benchmark your capabilities at your workplace, which is the first and most critical step towards success and career growth.

The Program:


Mastering the Art of Self-Evaluation training course is a comprehensive, interactive 1.5 day training program. This program applies the PEAK UP methodology called “Evalyouate.” This is a unique scheme that allows you to objectively assess your capabilities and brand yourself in a structured and balanced way.


Module 1

- List your strengths: The Traits, Skills, and Capabilities

- Put your strengths to the challenge

- Benchmark your strengths

- Categorize your strengths 

Module 2 

- Differentiate between a gap and an incident 

- Reach the root-cause of your gaps

- Categorize your weaknesses 


Module 3 

- Build your capability profile

- Promote your strengths

- Plan to overcome your weaknesses


Learning Outcome: 

When you attend “Mastering the Art of Self-Evaluation” training course you will be able to:


  1. Realize your potential and determine how you can grow and advance in your career.

  2. Draw your capability profile without the need of an external performance appraiser. 

  3. Develop a clear and well-structured plan of improvement to further build on your strengths and seal your gaps.

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