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PEAK UP training program is a state-of-art training program designed to improve employee performance within their organizational structure. PEAK UP provides an innovative approach to unleash your potential and set you on an enhanced career path while maintaining a healthy and productive workplace, helping you to achieve your potential while building a successful organization and a strong business. 


PEAK UP is based on the four pillars of performance improvement: Positivity, Emotional intelligence, Adding Value, and Knowing the course. The training program is formed of eight modules that are based on real-life experiences, well-tested concepts and practical applications. The essence of this program is explained in the book "PEAK UP NOW!"


PEAK UP is developed and designed by Ash Ibrahim, MD. A physician by education, with more than 25 years of experience in the multi-national corporates. Ash built his career to senior management then decided to share his rich, hands-on experience with those interested to build their careers. Ash has seen how employees growth and thrive, and how they sometimes stumble and suffer. He believes he got a quite solid recipe for success within the seemingly complex corporate labyrinth. Ash started by putting his experience and knowledge in a series of books, starting with the "PEAK UP NOW!" and "EVALYOUATE" and then turned those concepts into practical and interactive training modules to help organizations develop their teams and help you becoming a better performer.

Contact us to learn more about the PEAK UP training program. It can be your opportunity to take your career and the business of your organization to the next level!