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PEAK UP NOW! is a comprehensive training program designed to provide skill advancement, performance improvement, and career enhancement.

PEAK program delivers! Its positive impact on business performance and achieving better outcomes is felt by all those who attended the program.

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This book features practical and real-life guidelines for fulfilling your potential and achieving success and growth within your organization. The chapters are based on the rich experience I have built, working in and with organizations for over twenty-five years.


The primary aim of this book is to provide you with the recipe for success that helps you navigate your way within a corporate setting, and it’s packed with examples, rationale, and well-tested techniques of application.

PEAK UP! website is dedicated to Career Enhancement, Performance Improvement, and Soft Skill Training. This is done through applying the new PEAK concepts that allow you to fulfill your career potential and improve your business performance.


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"EVALYOUATE" is coming soon!


65% of the studies that compared self-rated assessments with external observations among professionals demonstrate little, or no relation between both. Meaning, we have difficulty conducting a well-structured, balanced and objective self-assessment. Fortunately, there are effective tools to help us realize our capabilities and assess our own strengths and weaknesses.

«EVALYOUATE!» will guide you to: 1) assess your successes and challenges and link them to your capabilities; 2) see the bigger picture of your capabilities and its impact on your work performance; and 3) set the basis for planning your own self- improvement goals and how to work on them. All are critical factors for your success and career growth.


Most books that discuss self-assessment focus on the "why"; they stress the importance of self-evaluation and the value of understanding your own strengths and capabilities. EVALYOUATE discusses the "how"; it introduces an easy to follow, step-by- step scheme that helps you realize your strengths and assess your weaknesses using a systematic approach to help you fully understand your capabilities.


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"FEEDFORWARD" is coming soon!


In one survey that involved almost 900 people, 92% of respondents agreed with the assertion, “Negative feedback, if delivered appropriately, is effective at improving performance.” We seem to know the importance of feedback, and realize how it can be of great value in improving our performance. Still, we rely on those providing us with feedback to deliver it appropriately. 


We’re waiting for others to be positive, constructive, and extremely tactful in their feedback they’re giving us. But, what if they’re not? What if their feedback was lacking tactfulness, or too direct, vague, or not so considerate? Should we drop this feedback simply because it was not delivered to us in the way we see appropriate?


“Feed-forward” is about using each and every piece of feedback we receive to improve our own future performance. “Feed-forward” is about developing the mindset that embraces, encourages, and elicits feedback rather than deflecting it. It’s about developing the discipline and determination to turn this feedback-embracing mindset and feedback-verifying skill into a clear and structured process that has only one way to take us … forward.


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"THE PASS" is coming soon!


Studies show that teaching assertiveness in the workplace is effective in developing the skill, but is not effective in improving interpersonal relations or reducing business conflicts. This means that becoming assertive in the usual fashion can help us fight our battles in the workplace, but it can also cause us to lose the whole war in the end. The problem is that we keep trying to be more assertive without learning how to use this assertiveness to our best interest. Most assertiveness workbooks jump to teach us to be more assertive in the workplace without telling us how, when, and to what extent to use this critical communication skill. This is why I routinely watched many people—across my twenty five years of corporate experience—using assertiveness to speak up, only to find themselves going down!


In this assertiveness workbook, The PASS, I’ll address this highly critical and extremely sensitive topic, which is interpersonal communication skills in organizations. I’ll start by helping you develop the assertive mentality that guides your business communication. I’ll help you develop the assertive behaviour to reflect your self-confidence and professionalism even before you talk, then—and only then—I’ll present several unique assertiveness techniques, including my state-of-art assertive message model, that proved to be a great asset in our day-to-day communication in the workplace.

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