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PEAK UP NOW! is a comprehensive training program designed to provide skill advancement, performance improvement, and career enhancement.

PEAK program delivers! Its positive impact on business performance and achieving better outcomes is felt by all those who attended the program.


Using Professional Assertiveness to Your Best Interest


Studies show that teaching assertiveness in the workplace is effective in developing the skill, but is not effective in improving interpersonal relations or reducing communication conflicts. This means that becoming assertive in the usual fashion can help us fight our battles in the workplace, but it can also cause us to lose the whole war in the end.


The problem is that we keep trying to be more assertive without learning how to use this assertiveness to our best interest. Most assertiveness workbooks jump to teach us to be more assertive in the workplace without telling us how, when, and to what extent to use this critical communication skill. This is why I routinely watched many people—across my twenty five years of corporate experience—using assertiveness to speak up, only to find themselves going down!


In this assertiveness workbook, The PASS, I’ll address this highly critical and extremely sensitive topic, which is interpersonal communication skills in organizations. I’ll start by helping you develop the assertive mentality that guides your business communication. I’ll help you develop the assertive behaviour to reflect your self-confidence and professionalism even before you talk, then—and only then—I’ll present several unique assertiveness techniques, including my state-of-art assertive message model, that proved to be a great asset in our day-to-day communication in the workplace. This approach will help you steer any business discussion successfully, while earning the respect and support of your co-workers.


This professional self-help book is full of practical concepts, real-life stories and supportive illustrations to help you build the critical skill of business communication. It will aid your professional development and take you one step closer to succeeding in your profession and advancing in your career.


“Don’t learn to speak up. Learn to speak your career up!”