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Invest in your most important asset ... YOU!

PEAK UP NOW! is a comprehensive training program designed to provide skill advancement, performance improvement, and career enhancement.

PEAK program delivers! Its positive impact on business performance and achieving better outcomes is felt by all those who attended the program.


Ash Ibrahim - Speaking About the PEAK!

Ash Ibrahim offers a new and unique PEAK UP! concept. A concept that he developed throughout more than twenty five years of experience in corporate leadership. His talks are motivational, explaining why we need to change. But more importantly, they are enlightening, telling us how to steer our careers towards success.

Ash carries tons of real-life stories and experiences that makes his talks realistic, practical, and of true value.


Ash held several talks in prestigious and well-respected institutes like University of Guelph, McMaster University, and several business establishments.


He put his experience in his series of business self-help books, that made his experience well-structured and presented for the audience to absorb and reflect on.



"EVALYOUATE" - Mastering the Art of Self-Evaluation

"PEAK UP NOW?" - Mastering the Art of PEAK Performance

"Feed-Forward" - Mastering the Art of Receiving Feedback

Patient Centricity - A Call for Healthcare

Developing a Healthy Workplace - The STAR Approach

Managing Change - Make it Work to Your Best

And More ....


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