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Invest in your most important asset ... YOU!

PEAK UP NOW! is a comprehensive training program designed to provide skill advancement, performance improvement, and career enhancement.

PEAK program delivers! Its positive impact on business performance and achieving better outcomes is felt by all those who attended the program.


Mastering the Art of Self-Evaluation

“The first step towards fulfilling your career is to conduct a proper self-evaluation, that’s your career launch base!”


Steer yourself and your team towards success through this state-of-the-art training course “Mastering the Art of Self-Evaluation.” This training course is an integral part of the PEAK UPTM training program, which is considered the real-life guideline for fulfilling your potential and growing your corporate career. PEAK UPTM program provides a hands-on instrument to improve your performance and grow your career through a self-disciplined framework.

PEAK Positivity Explained

“Positivity as we know is expecting a good outcome from any experience we encounter, while PEAK Positivity is about extracting good outcomes. PEAK Positivity is not a mindset, it’s a skill. It’s not a passive expectation, it’s a proactive approach!”

Fast-track your learning, experience and jumpstart your career through this state-of-the-art training course “PEAK Positivity Explained.” This extensive course prepares you to develop the skill of PEAK Positivity, which is the skill that enables you to develop positive scenarios from each and every experience you encounter. Mastering the skill of PEAK positivity will enable you to plan ahead your positive outcomes and utilize them to enhance your career. 

The PEAK Enhancer

““PEAK performers never rest until they deliver, they are achievement freaks!”

Master the art of adding value to yourself and to your organization through this state-of-the-art training course “The PEAK Enhancer.” “The PEAK Enhancer” will provide you with a balanced and comprehensive approach between enhancing your own career and support your organization. This course will help you realize new and innovative ways to add value to your organization, and at the same time support your own vision and career aspiration. It will enable you to show your case as an indispensable asset to your organization.



““Feed-forward” is all about forward thinking and future planning based on the feedback we receive!”

We can’t control the way feedback about our performance was delivered to us, but we can skillfully control the way we receive and handle it to make it work towards improving our performance. This unique and novel course will enable us to 1) engage in feedback exchange in an open and neutral manner, 2) explore feedback’s components and realizing our own reflections towards it, and 3) employ feedback learning into actionable items and developmental plans to support our career, all are the elements of getting the feedback we receive to work towards improving our performance, or the elements of “feed-forward”.


Know Your COURSE

“PEAK performers know their career course and know how to navigate through it”

We may know how to move ahead in our careers, but do we know how to steer these career paths to reach the career goal we aspire? “Know Your COURSE” will provide you with a structured scheme to help you steer your career path towards the destination you desire and the goal you aspire. It is a carefully planned training to teach you how to build a strong career plan that matches your vision and fulfill your career aspiration. It is the type of course that you need to attend and pay attention to if you want to reach the career vision you set for yourself.



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